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DominationTGP is a BDSM orientated website and thus only accepts galleries with Bondage, S&M, Domination, Spanking , or Fetish (leather,rubber, etc) content. Please do not submit other types of galleries as they simply won't be listed.

Pornstar, big tit, teen etc won't normally be listed because it is considered vanilla. If your gallery contains a fetish element then it will be. Two pornstars in bikinis fucking on a beach won't be listed. Two pornstars in leather gear fucking in a dungeon setting would be listed. We can be flexible but ultimately reserve the right to refuse any gallery on the grounds it is just too 'vanilla' for this TGP. To post Vanilla galleries, try this TGP.

DominationTGP does not manipulate gallery traffic in any way. Every click to your gallery link will go to you, we don't send every 1 in 10 clicks to a sponsor or CJ site.

A Reciprocal link is not required for clean, non permanent, gallery pages. If your gallery has a link to another TGP, Pic Post or Links site then it must also include our Reciprocal link. If you want your gallery listing to be permanent , i.e. be placed in our archives for longer exposure, then it will also require a Reciprocal link.

Because we are honest with your galleries and honest with our surfers we expect you to be honest with us and respect and follow the simple rules below:


  1. Galleries must contain minimum 5 pics, maximum 25 pics - we accept TGP and TGP2 galleries.
  2. Movie pages allowed, minimum 1 move (9 sec duration) + 5 pics OR 5 movies per gallery.
  3. No free-hosted galleries, period.
  4. No galleries containing ch**d porn, bestiality, hate, racism, torture, rape or galleries linking to such material. You post it we report it and hunt you down.
  5. No popups, no onexits, no dialers, no spyware, no autobookmarks no blind links, no bullshit. Your thumbnails must link to pics not a third party website.
  6. No Russian or eastern european domain sites period. No ip address only submissions.
  7. No javascript mouseovers to hide links unless they show clearly the site being linked to.
  8. Don't attempt to flood the system with large numbers of posts everyday, you'll just get banned.
  9. Galleries *must* remain online for as long as listed on Domination TGP.
  10. If you've submitted a gallery as permanent make sure it is or you'll be banned.
  11. Anything else? pull bullshit and you'll get treated like a child.
  12. Behave like a responsible webmaster and your submissions will always be welcome.
  13. No reciprocal required *unless* you have reciprocals in place for other sites OR you want your listing to be permanent. In such a case you must provide a reciprocal link on your gallery page - see information below.
  14. Modifications to galleries after they have been approved that violates the above rules will result in you being banned from this and other TGP sites.

Here is our button (download it and load from your own website):

link it to??? https://dominationtgp.com/

or use this text link:
Free Bondage Galleries


It will look like this:

Free Bondage Galleries


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